Our History

Since its inception in 1971 when Earl Smith set up shop in the two-car garage of his family home, Deluxe Sheet Metal has focused on excellence. A former sheet metal journeyman for a supplier to Studebaker, he enlisted his then 15-year-old son, Kevin, to help build and install gutters and roofing. "I always tell everybody I was the first worker," said Kevin Smith. "To be an employee you need to get paid. I didn't get paid." While recalled in jest, the experience of his youth laid the foundation for his understanding of business, community, and responsibility. His father hadn't succumbed to the legacy of loss that had enveloped the city since Studebaker's demise. Instead, he focused on the strengths he'd learned in the trade and forged a new path. "We didn't see boundaries," Smith said. "And the people who created South Bend didn't see boundaries either. They didn't say, 'We can't do it.'" The result of the Smiths' efforts, four decades later, is a multifaceted company that specializes in all aspects of commercial and industrial sheet metal installations. Deluxe's team of estimators, engineers, and union craftsmen work with clients each step of the way through design and fabrication to installation and service.